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Tyra Wilson, MS

A master level professional 

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About Tyra

Tyra Wilson is a master level therapist concentrating in Trauma, Diverse and
Underserved Communities. Tyra is a native of Philadelphia Pa. and graduated from Chestnut Hill
College (Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice), (Master of Science Administration of Human
Services), (Master of science in Clinical Counseling and Psychology). Tyra joined the Urban
Healing Group to unmask cultural healing and give everyone the opportunity to receive support
and understanding about the barriers of mental health.


Tyra specializes in treating participants suffering from severe trauma, PTSD, depression,
grief, IPV, sexual abuse/physical abuse/emotional abuse and transgender/nonbinary and LGBQT
communities. Tyra uses Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and
Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).


Tyra meets everyone in the present. She provides psychoeducation that is nonjudgmental
and allows the participant to tell their narrative with engaging and establishing rapport. Her goal
as a therapist is to encourage your healing process by designing a safe environment so you can
face emotional and behavioral difficulties with wellness goals and coping skills to build self-


Phone:  (267) 331-3190

Fax: (215) 501-5600

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